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You have just received a diagnosis that you don’t want to define you.

You have been told that there is no alternative and no other options. Or you have been told that the only way to “treat” your illness is to take a medication with a book of side effects, that can be “managed” by taking more medications. You truly don’t know what to do, and you are more confused and discouraged now than ever. You have been searching the internet day and night for an alternative, and every friend or relative has a suggestion. You don’t know what works, what’s safe, and what is worth spending your money and time on. 

I know what it is like to be dealt a medical diagnosis you feared, only to be told there is no hope and no options.
I’m Jesica Mills, and I work with clients like you to educate, empower, listen, and offer guidance and planning to achieve wellness. 
I began this journey when my father had been cancer-free for over 4 years. He had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2011, did surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy at a top Hospital, and we celebrated when he was announced as “cancer-free.” What they didn’t tell us was the amount of people who remained cancer free after 5 years post-treatment. In 2016, 3 months before my first daughter was to be born, my dad returned for a routine visit. His labs looked fantastic, but he had this eye redness and pressure that wouldn’t go away. It was a tumor, and it was mean, and strong, and scary. It was surgically removed, and 2 weeks later had already grown back and was larger this time. He was immediately admitted and 8 bags of chemotherapy ran into his 75 year old body for a solid week. The worst part occurred during “nadir”, the weakest point 14 days later at home when the chemotherapy has killed everything, and almost killed him. He couldn’t breathe. His heart hurt. We decided as a family that more rounds of chemo were not an option going forward, as we were worried about him surviving it. As a Pharmacist, my education and life was spent on learning and using these medicines, and they were failing my father. After 18 sessions of radiation to the eye, and immense pain, the tumor remained. Less than a week after having my first child, dad was told he had less than a year to live, and besides experimental treatments that cost $12,000.00 a day, there were no other options. He was sent home to get his affairs in order and die. That just simply wasn’t an option for us.

We learned the hard way that not treating the root cause of disease will cause it to come back. 

After consulting with a Naturopath, we made a plan. We addressed his diet and lifestyle. We used technology, and essential oils, and supplements, and emotional balancing, and detoxification to empower my dad’s body to heal. And this inspired me to become a Naturopath. I went back to school to earn my second Doctorate degree, and have been helping those who have been given no hope ever since. 
I knew that my dad wasn’t the only one who had used up every treatment Western medicine could offer, only to still need more. As a Pharmacist, I see people everyday who need more than just “a pill for every ill.” 
That’s why I decided to start seeing clients and educating them about how to best support their body. A Naturopath believes that the body was created with a super smart immune system that can heal the body, as long as you provide the body with what it needs.
Unfortunately today, there are a lot of marketing dollars thrown around to confuse us about what can heal and what can harm the body. 
As my knowledge has grown, so has my client base. I have helped parents who have kids with behavioral issues, focus issues, and auto-immune diagnoses. They have done better in school, are more emotionally balanced, and have slowed the progression of diseases.
I have helped those with terminal cancer make a plan and improve their quality of life and extend their “due-date.” I have worked with clients who have reported significantly less symptoms within a month of meeting. 
I specialize in helping balance hormones, looking for the root causes of dis-ease, and supporting those who have chronic issues and mystery chronic illness. 

If you are ready to meet with me, find the root cause of your symptoms, gain education on strengthening and supporting your body, and regain your power over your health,

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