Our Services

We are a full-service pharmacy that specializes in solving problems and providing excellent customer service.

We strive to exceed your expectations at every visit.

OLD SCHOOL AND NEW SCHOOL-We value treating our patients the way we want to be treated. By offering respect, establishing trust, and acting with ethics at what is best for each patient, we believe the old school golden rule still should be followed. You can call us on the phone, leave a voicemail, or ask us any question relating to your health. 
No time to talk on the phone? We have a website (owensborofamilypharmacy.com) where you can order your medications, a phone app, a facebook page (send us a message if we aren't open), and an email address (owensborofamilypharmacy@gmail.com). However you want to talk to us- we've got you.

FLU-STREP-RSV-UTI-COVID TESTING: Think you're getting sick? Dreading a one hour wait to be told urgent care is out of tests and go home? Really not wanting to get sick in the waiting room full of sick people? Pediatrician can't work you in today (or tomorrow)? Come see us. $30 and 15 minutes later, you can be tested, and receive prescription medicines or OTC meds for treatment and symptoms, and be on your way home. No appointment necessary. 
And just for fun- we can take your temperature, blood pressure, and blood sugar too- for free. Need labs? We can order those for you too.

SUPPLEMENTS: We have a ton of natural supplements that aren't just lactose. Want to know how to take these without causing a drug interaction? Need help on dosing? We know these things. Come in with low energy, too much weight, low levels of vitamin d or b12, and leave with products that can give you energy and fix the root cause of your symptoms.

SYNC: We are skilled at lining up our patient's refills to be due once every 30 or 90 days, and we have a team of highly-educated and experienced Pharmacists and Technicians to address any questions, and solve any problems.

TRAYS: We package medication trays for patients with complicated medicine regimens. We will keep your medications at the pharmacy, make sure you never run out of medicine or refills, align your medicines to be given at the best time (blood pressure meds in the morning, statins in the evening, etc), and deliver a weekly, biweekly, or monthly tray to you. We do everything except swallow the medicine for you.

DELIVERY: We offer free city-wide delivery for all of our patients. We also deliver gift items to the hospital and to funeral homes, with free gift-wrapping available. Call or order online.

DRIVE-THRU: Sick? Tired? Is it raining? Cool- come to our drive-thru. There are no phones/monitors/space age technology to play with, just ring a door bell and we will slide our window open and take care of all of your needs.  

TRAVEL MEDICINE: Going on a mission trip? Visiting family and friends abroad? Let us get your medicines and vaccines ready, and you can focus on packing and planning your itinerary. No trips to the doctor necessary- we can provide anti-malarials, altitude sickness medicine, travelers diarrhea prevention, and vaccinations in our pharmacy. Just going to the mountains but get super car sick? Come see us for creams, liquids, or bracelets that can prevent that so you can open your eyes and enjoy the ride.

WELLNESS CONSULTS: Want to know what you can do to improve your health? Thinking about trying a fad diet? Curious about your genetics and how they affect your weight and response to medicine? Want to hear about adaptogenic herbs and spirulina? Come hang out with Dr. Jesica Thomason Mills. She meets with clients for wellness checks as well as chronic and acute issues. Go to the wellness consults page on this website ( or click here) to see services available and schedule. It will be the best investment in yourself. 

COMPOUNDING: We have skilled Pharmacists and Certified Technicians who have perfected the art of customizing medications to benefit our patients. We can flavor medications, and customize hormone replacement creams, make products for skin issues, mouth issues, and pain. We also compound low-dose naltrexone capsules, and have items perfect for those with absorption issues.
We carry vitamin creams and patches for those with genetic SNPs (MTHFR!), those on the spectrum, or simply people who just don't want to swallow a pill.
We also compound products for doctor's offices and med spas that make procedures more successful- like cellulite cream.
We have multiple specialty products, like pain cream, that are available without a prescription, and infuse essential oils, CBD oils, and minerals.

MEDICATION AND DISEASE COUNSELING: Just what is an A1C? Gynecomastia looks scary on a print out for your blood pressure medicine. Come see us, and we can guide you through receiving a diagnosis, educate on what to watch for, and give advise on how to still live your best life. We also have the ability to explain your labs- unlike that 30 second phone call that told you everything was normal- even though you're in pain and have no energy.

IMMUNIZATIONS: We have flu shots. Shingles shots. DTaP shots. Pneumonia shots. Hep A shots. COVID shots. We have all the shots (except Yellow Fever). If you need them, come and get them. We also have the best shot-givers in the world- no joke. Jill, Leslie and Jesica hear that everyday. Not able to take shots? Cool. Come and see Jesica, she can advise on all your options.

COMPLIANCE PACKAGING: We provide prescription-services for multiple institutions- many of which require special packaging. New to an assisted-living? Nursing home? We have blister packs available for you- and we can also place your vitamins/supplements/OTCs in it as well.

GENERALLY AWESOME, COMPETENT, KIND HUMANS: We care about our patients, and we treat you like we want to be treated. You aren't a number, you're a patient, and we honor the trust you place in us to take care of you and your family.