Dr. Jesica Mills Weight Loss Protocol- eBook
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Dr. Jesica Mills Weight Loss Protocol- eBook

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This is a digital download eBook that discusses one of the most confusing and frustrating topics of all- weight loss. Dr. Jesica Mills starts with a grocery list of recommended foods, key fruits and vegetables to assist in biohacking weight loss and their benefits. She then discusses carbs, which ones to eat and which ones to avoid, as well as the correct time to eat them. You will learn which foods to avoid in order to meet your weight goals, learn about what each meal should contain, and learn the recommended schedule for eating. This protocol uses the principles of intermittent fasting as well as optimizing digestion through enzymes and metabolic support. You can choose to use digestive enzymes or to mix a drink to aid in slimming down your stomach (for men and women). She answers the question of "what causes weight gain" from a functional medicine perspective, and gives you recommendations for exploring what your root cause(s) may be. Finally, it wouldn't be holistic if it didn't encompass the areas of emotional and mental health. Included is a page called "How to Win at Losing." This addresses journal prompts, introspection, and helps to discover the areas from your life that need healing in order to be at your ideal weight (and your highest self). It ends with a list of what you will need, physically and mentally as well as resources for continued support and guidance. 

From the ebook: "Stop the guilt and shame. You have been conditioned to thinking you alone are responsible for weight gain. Your worth is not equal to gravity's pull on you. You didn't tell your body to keep making cortisol. You never had anyone explain this in detail to you, and they didn't consult you before taking iodine out of your water and spraying estrogenic Roundup on all your food. Its not your fault. Know better, do better. You aren't"lazy" , you're missing 10,000 strains of gut microbes and your endocrine system has been attacked by chemicals." 

Who is this for? Men. Women. Any human who has tried dieting to starvation, exercising to exhaustion, and become mentally, emotionally, and physically burned out all to no avail. For those who haven't cracked the code on supporting their body and their metabolism. For those who want to lose a couple pounds, or a couple hundred pounds. 

Who this is not for: anyone that loves strict diets, calorie counting, adrenal-exhausting workouts, those with mindsets of fear and scarcity, and those that aren't interested in becoming their highest self. It is not for those who are willing to be disempowered by a system that doesn't explain root causes. It is definitely not for those who are afraid to ask questions and discover a lifestyle of preventative health. 

What it doesn't cover: it does not recommend a certain type of exercise regimen. Each person is so unique, that without meeting with a person or discussing their past history (medical and exercise), it is impossible to recommend a universal type of exercise. Multiple types are recommended, and working with a personal trainer or your provider is recommended. This can be the beginning of learning to intuitively listening to your body- and trusting yourself on what is best for you. You are encouraged to start that process. 

This book does not take the place of a patient-provider relationship and is not intended to be medical advice. This is for educational purposes only, and as always, please ask your provider before starting or changing your lifestyle. 

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