CoQ10 Patch
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CoQ10 Patch

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Antioxidants are a group of compounds that fight cellular damage from chemicals called free radicals. Many antioxidants have additional roles, such as promoting a normal immune response or maintaining heart or muscle health.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a natural antioxidant that the body produces. It is necessary for proper energy metabolism within the mitochondria, or cell’s powerhouses. Levels of CoQ10 naturally decrease with age. Food sources include high-protein foods such as meat and fish, but extra amounts could potentially help people with congestive heart failure, diabetes, and Parkinson’s. The CoQ10 Plus Patch from PatchAid contains 100 mg of CoQ10 or about 10 times the amount in a serving of organ meat.

CoQ10 Plus Patch from PatchAid also contains astaxanthin from algae, resveratrol, which is known for being in red wine, and vitamin C. Functions of these antioxidants include reducing chronic inflammation and supporting heart health. Zinc is an essential mineral for proper immune function and energy production in the body, and black pepper extract is often taken as an aid for proper absorption and utilization of other nutrients in the body.

CoQ10 Plus Patch from PatchAid may:

  • Promote normal cholesterol levels*
  • Support normal blood pressure and blood vessel structure and function*
  • Support normal insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial function*
  • Support normal heart function and health*
  • Promote normal muscle function*

CoQ10 Plus Patch from PatchAid offers:

  • CoQ10 and other antioxidants
  • A patch to deliver nutrients without risking gastrointestinal discomfort from absorption
  • Astaxanthin and resveratrol

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